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Fish the Rigs

It is recommended that at least 50 lb test be used with the umbrella rig. Braid is the most universal line in fishing, but an added inline trolling sinker is recommended to get the rig down deep. Lead core or wire is ideal. Use a 10 yard leader of 130lb+ in case the rig gets snagged. Wrap the leader around a cleat and gun it. The umbrella rigs are made with 100lb mono and terminal tackle so most of the time you will snap the mono or terminal tackle and recover the rig.

FOR BEST RESULTS: Have the boat as slow as it can go; lower the rig into the water and let line out slowly, at least 30 yards behind the boat. Keep the boat at a slow troll around 3.5 knots. Troll with the current for added depth.

Do not let the rig out in less then 15 feet of water.  

For added depth add trolling sinkers or use wire or lead core line.

When a fish hits, keep the boat in gear unless both rigs are hooked up, pump the rod with short pumps, reel and jig. This may produce more than one fish.


And Remember!  Send us pictures of your catch so we can add them to our site!